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Framed Glass Fencing

Framed Glass Fencing
Framed Glass Fencing has had a rapid rise in popularity over recent years. It is a great option where a fence is required without obstructing the view with general and traditional types of fencing methods.
Anywhere glass is used in a fence it must comply with strict regulations in relation to the type of glass, thickness and spans. The most common glass used in fencing is toughened glass ranging in thickness from 6-15mm.
Glass fencing comes in a few options as follows:
Sometimes known as the Invisible Fence, It also comes in frameless and semi-frameless glass. Framed Glass Fencing however offers you a strong and sturdy fence while providing you with a unique and stylish look in fencing that disappear into the background and is totally rust proof. These options aren’t just ideal for a pool fence; they’re also great when used on your veranda or balcony, allowing you to enjoy the view in safety and style.

• Framed glass fencing incorporate the use of aluminium or stainless steel posts as well as a horizontal top handrail. This is the most economical glass system as well as the safest and strongest due to the metal support structure


    Versatile, can be used on Pools, Balconies or patios
    Visually appealing while providing a clear look
    Life expectancy well of over 15 years
    Extremely Low maintenance
    Does not prevent your view from being blocked
    Glass will not Rust
    Looks great in almost any environment

For those concerned about keeping the glass panels clean, most installers can apply a coating that makes your new glass fence so easy to clean that you’ll barely notice it’s there. For a more comprehensive explanation of how to maintain your Framed Glass Fence, please see the information below.
Maintaining your new Glass fence
It is desirable and important that you maintain your Glass pool fence or Glass balustrade. There are many ways and ideas to do that.
For the best look, glass should be regularly checked and cleaned but it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. By far the most simple and effective method is a bucket of warm water, rubbed on and washed by a sponge and then wiped off with a squeegee. Using specially formulated waxy detergents (such as those that are commonly used for cars) can assist to reduce the regularity of cleaning.
Stainless Steel, although unlikely to rust on its own can begin to stain over time in the outside environment. This is caused by constant touching and by chemicals contained within water landing on it. The recommended cleaning of these surfaces is simply some (water and a sponge) and applying lanolin oil when the stainless steel is dry.
Gates should be looked at and tested regularly in order that they remain in perfect working order and more importantly that they continue to close automatically.
Remember to keep all obstructing objects such as chairs and pot plants away from your glass pool fence.