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Frameless Glass Fencing


Frameless Glass Fencing is a modernistic loft-style depiction of a glass balustrade system that is used to enclose a certain area without being obvious or an eyesore. This type of fencing is a great way of providing a strong, secure and moderate maintenance structure that states privacy without hindering the view in any way. It constitutes of panels of clear glass held together by spigots.

Features of Frameless Glass Fencing

A quality Frameless Glass Fencing structure features the following specifications:

  •   Barely Visible Lines with no vertical posts binding the glass
  •   Glass panels of varying thickness: 8 mm, 10 mm or 12 mm
  •   Toughened glass with polished corners
  •   Corrosion resistant Spigots

Where does Frameless Glass Fencing find Purpose?

Frameless Glass Fencing is majorly used in balconies or wall frames of houses that are made of glass panels or connected to a patio. They also find great use in fencing private swimming pools as a demarcation to separate the pool area from the rest of the usage area.

Advantages of Frameless Glass Fencing over other Fencing Techniques

Frameless Glass Fencing is steadily growing in popularity and has now replaced many conventional fencing structures such as wood, wrought iron and metal fencings. Listed are some of the benefits of choosing an up-and-coming option like this:

  •   Frameless Glass Fencing can be built to size and can be customized according to the fit any area. Hence installation of such structure becomes quite easy.
  •   Since Frameless Glass Fencing is made of glass that is rot and rust proof and heat resistant, it is low maintenance and is not susceptible to damage due to climatic and harsh weather conditions.
  •   This type of fencing is much safer for use unlike metal, which in its rusted condition, can cause hurt and in some cases, be potentially dangerous.
  •   In Frameless Glass Fencing, the glass panels are tightly bound from the outside with spigots without leaving any gaps between panels. This makes it child friendly without the risk of children falling between gaps and getting hurt in the process. Also the smooth edges leave no room for harm.
  •   Frameless Glass Fencing is easy to maintain and hardly requires repair. It does not even need additional maintenance work like painting or dousing it with water or rust repellent.
  •   Last but not the least, since glass is pleasing to the eye and melds beautifully with any outdoor surroundings, it creates an aesthetic ambience without jarring.


Preventive Measures during Installation

During installation of such fencing, it is important to take into consideration some important factors such as usage of strong and high quality binders to bind the glass panels.  Also check for any anomalies in the glass surface that would result in cracking or chipping of glass. Taking pre-emptive safety measures would be advisable before installation of this type of fencing.

Hiring a reputed service that is well versed in installation of such fencing would be the most feasible solution to ensure installation of a stable fencing structure.