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Glass Balcony Balustrade

Glass Balcony Balustrade


Glass balustrades are glass panels based barriers that serve as a safety measure in areas which constitute a change in floor levels. They are an efficient way to renovate your house décor or outdoor and also a viable replacement to your outdated conventional wooden or metal balustrade structure.

Classification of Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades can be largely categorized into two types, depending upon their fencing structure design

  • Fully Frameless Glass Balustrades
  • Semi Frameless Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades can also be differentiated on the basis of the type of glass used in its composition such as

  • Safety Glass Balustrades
  • Textured Glass Balustrades
  • Tempered Glass Balustrades
  •  Solid Glass Balustrades
  • Structural Glass Balustrades
  • Curved Glass Balustrades
  • Opaque designed Glass Balustrades


The best use of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are incredibly versatile in their uses and purposes and can find its place of importance around straight staircases or long winding ones. They can be fixated below staircase railings for aesthetic purposes and also to close unsightly gaps between the railing and the floor.

Glass balustrades also work wonders around your balcony by giving it a spacious feel while also serving as a barrier.

Glass balustrades are used for fencing purposes around the pool area to enclose the pool area while giving an illusion of open space. They are availed here in both their fully frameless and semi-frameless options.

Features and Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are a personal favorite in many a residential house. They are also a preferred choice for corporate buildings due to their reliable features and benefits as stated below:

  • This kind of balustrade is composed of High quality Toughened Glass, thus making the balustrade extremely strong and durable.
  • Marine Grade Steel postings used in Fully Frameless structures and Anodized Aluminum postings used for Semi-Frameless glass structures. These postings can withstand rough weather conditions and are rust free. Hence they are capable of holding the panels upright for a long time without corrosion.
  • Available in a wide array of finish effects and can be customized in terms of length, appearance and curvature.
  • Provide a non-obstructive view of the fenced area with different framing options that work best with the surrounding.
  • Easy to maintain and does not require external site preparation. It does not even need additional maintenance work like painting or dousing it with water or rust repellent. The balustrade can be easily cleaned too.
  • The nature of the balustrades and the usage of the High-end polished Glass component merge well with the natural ambiance and blends into a seamless fence view.

 For an Effective Glass Balustrade Installation

Each type of glass balustrade requires a different installation technique. Also appropriate postings need to be fitted on the structure, depending on the type of glass balustrade.

It would be advisable to hire a reputed service that is well versed in installation of different types of glass balustrade, so that a stable structure as per your requirement and choice can be installed