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Glass Pool Fencing-old

Glass Pool Fencing-old


Glass Pool Fencing, as its name suggests, is a contemporary fencing structure built or installed around the pool area to secure the perimeter of the area and define its boundaries without being a visual burden. This type of fencing is a great way of providing a strong, secure and moderate maintenance structure that conveys privacy without an obstruction in the view or the surroundings

Glass Pool Fencing constitutes rows and rows of glass panels fixated together that form a solid fence around the complete pool area. The major advantage of this fencing option is that its open-style design ensures a steady diffusion of lighting and air so that the pool area does not look dim or claustrophobic.

Glass Pool Fencing is a great option for both outdoor and indoor pool fencing.

Types of Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing may vary in their usage of type of paneling and the dimensions of the structure and can be classified accordingly:

  • Fully Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
  • Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

The difference between fully frameless glass fencing and its semi-frameless counterpart lie in its choice of posting. A posting is a fixture that holds the glass panels together. Fully frameless pool fencing makes use of steel spigots that clasp the glass, whereas aluminum postings that are drilled into the ground are used to slot glass panels into in Semi-Frameless glass pool fencing.

Features and Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

Glass fencing makes the cut over other fencing options when it comes to building a fancy but durable fence around the pool, due to its exhaustive list of competent features and benefits, some of it listed below:

  • Panels of Toughened glass with polished corners and almost invisible corner lines ensure a seamless meld with the beautiful pool surroundings.
  • Glass Pool Fencing stays put under all weather conditions since glass, its main component, is non-reactive. Its postings also are treated in such a fashion, that they stay resistant to any wear and tear from harsh weather conditions.
  • The main requisite of pool fencing would be its ability to withstand constant bouts of humidity and high resistance towards heat. Glass Pool Fencing fulfills this requirement to the T. Unlike wooden or metal fencing that would rot or rust within no time after constant contact with moisture, glass pool fencing stands in pristine condition over any amount of water exposure.

How to ensure of a Perfect Glass Pool Fencing Installation

Glass Pool Fencing is made up of a few key components that have to be validated in quality and measurement before contemplating installation .For example, quality of postings is of high importance. The glass panels used should be checked for any cracks or chipping and visibility. The installation has to be done right and as per the process to ensure that the fencing holds up good and lasts for a long time.

Hiring a reputed service that is well versed in installation of such fencing would be the most feasible solution to get a stable fencing structure as the end product.