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Glass Privacy Screens


Sitting by the pool on a vibrant comfortable pool chair sipping a tall glass of lemonade on a sunny morning would be something you wish and look forward too. Enjoying a private ambience that allows you to indulge in the warm playfulness of the summer breeze and relax in the cool décor of the pool area. In such a regale setting, why should a privacy hitch spoil this party of one? Glass privacy Screens are designed for such situations itself. Get a sturdy yet contemporary glass privacy screen installed around your pool area to provide a pretty enclosure around the area without spoiling the overall appearance of the settings.

How do Glass Privacy Screens Help?

Glass Privacy Screens are not only useful for introducing a privacy element in the pool area ,but they also are a great option to use for enclosing balconies in high rise apartments where maintaining privacy can be a major concern. Since the screens come in different formats and textural panels such as frosted, translucent and design oriented, choosing a format that suits your requirement the best becomes easy and provides a great way of enhancing the appearance of unsightly areas that need to be covered.

Types of Glass Privacy Screens

Glass Privacy Screens come in varying colors but are usually classified as per the customized variation in the glass panels to achieve the necessary level of privacy, as follows:

  • Regular Glass Privacy Screen
  • Dimension One Frosted  Glass Privacy Screen
  • Painted Glass Privacy Screen

Glass Privacy Screens for pool privacy purposes can be availed in two versions, depending upon their panel structure design

  • Fully Frameless Glass Privacy Screen
  • Semi Frameless Glass Privacy Screen 

Zero maintenance structural anodized aluminum is used as postings in Semi-Frameless Glass Privacy Screens that are drilled into the ground and used as a slot for glass panels. Fully frameless Glass Privacy Screens make use of corrosion free stainless steel clamps as postings to hold the glass panels together. 

Advantages of using Glass Privacy Screens

Glass privacy Screens have multi-fold utility value and hence find a lot of buyers. Listed below are some features of such screens that work as an advantage over other options:

  • Hardened durable Glass makes for a sturdy privacy structure.
  • Resistant to humidity and harsh climatic conditions
  • Low Maintenance

The expert way of installing a Glass Privacy Screen

Glass Privacy Screen has to be strategically placed and installed into position otherwise they would be of no use. Special care must be taken to use scratch free glass that is polished at the ends without any sharp chipped projections. The postings must be of star quality. Since these screens come with some many variations in color and texture, choosing the right type of glass privacy screen makes all the difference.

Resolution of installation issues and the dilemma of choosing between the screen variants can be overcome by hiring a professional service that specializes in installation of glass privacy screens and other such fencing structures.